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How to Build Your Own Home

Painting an HouseBuild Your Own Home

It was always a dream of my family and mine to build our home that was truly unique to our needs and us. We wanted a brand new house that was ours and only ours.  That is why we were so excited when we finally saved our pennies and had enough to money to build our own home. After a lot of research, we knew what we needed to do to get our home. The steps seem simple but it was a little more complicated than we anticipated but since we were researched, we knew what to expect every step of the way.

Buy Land

This is of course if you don’t have land already. You have the choice of paying for cash, getting a loan from a bank, owner financing or sellers that are willing to wait for you to get house plans and a building permit. It’s important to do this first because then you don’t have to worry about searching for the right location or good land to build your home. You don’t want the headache of getting house plans only to realize you don’t have the right area at your disposal to build on it.

Select the House Plan

House PlansWe did lots of research and were surprised by the amount of house plans that were available. You can truly find a lovely home plan. If you don’t want stock home plans, you can hire an architect that can help you design and build your home from starch. Once you pick out a house plan, consider building codes or if you have to make any modifications for the location you want your home to be built upon.

Hire Reputable Builders

We decided to go with Acamas Civil because of their years of experience and impressive portfolio. When you are building your home, you need to find builders that have a good reputation and experience with site planning. You always want a manufacturer that respects your budget and dreams that you want to turn into a reality. The last thing you want is a builder who cannot anticipate costs and keeps coming at you over and over again with more bills. That causes financial stress and will ruin the experience. I suggest you find a builder that has been working for a minimum of three to five years and check their past clients and what they have to say about their experience.

Know the Estimated Breakdown cost

Breakdown CostBuilding a home can become expensive really quickly. That is why you need the exact breakdown of every project that will be going on in your home such as electrical, painting, heating, etc. The builder you pick should be able to give you that estimated cost and breakdown. They should also know of any anticipated problems that may arise. Good builders will send out the house plans to each of their contractors and gather all their estimates so they can give you an informed cost for building your new house.

In the end, building our house was a dream come true. Our builder knew exactly what we wanted and needed and managed to stay within budget. We did our part by not making too many new requests so we can remain in the timeline needed as well.

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