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Real Estate Agents Are Important

Why Real Estate Agents Are Important

Aventura MallI am considering buying my second home in a nearby city.  I love Aventura and visiting the local mall has become a great pastime for my girls and myself. I love the bustling life, and the shopping options are fantastic. Since I was visiting the city so much and it was near the beach, I decided why not make the plunge and buy a beautiful vacation home for our family.

I didn’t know where to start with my search. It has been so long since I purchased a home and I wanted someone that I could trust. After some research and talking with friends, I contacted the Douglas Elliman Miami Brasil Team. They were friendly and ready to work with me. They helped me figure out what exactly I wanted for my new home. After discussing with my family, we concluded that we wanted a place with beautiful views of the water and gorgeous skyline. What we wanted was a place that we could call home when we are away from home. A little slice of beach paradise as we described it.  I know many people are opposed to using real estate agent because of fears of high cost or a really and belief that they can purchase a home without one.

The Benefits of Real Estate Agents

The Benefits of Real Estate Agents
There are many good reasons why a person should hire a real estate agent on their behalf. Real Estate agents have an acute understanding of what buyers need to know when they are purchasing a home. Our real estate agent was able to tell us about basic information about the community we wanted to move into and vacation. They informed us about the crime rate and how much the community was expected to grow otherwise known as the market conditions.  While we are planning to have a vacation for a long period of time, we still want to know that if we sell it, we won’t sell it at a loss. They informed us of comparable prices, so we were aware if a particular home was overpriced or underpriced.  Real Estate agents also assist with finding viable deals that are beneficial to you and other paperwork. They are also great with negotiating the final agreement when we find a home and fall in love with it.

Let’s Talk About Our Particular Agent

Our agent was with us every step of the way. She provided us with all the information we needed and worked on our behalf. It was great having someone who was working on our side and trying to get us the best possible deal. One situation that made her earn our trust was during our search; we fell in love with a beautiful condo that overlooked the ocean. We were ready to purchase, but our agent asked about seller disclosure. I didn’t even know about seller disclosure and what it meant. We found out that there were previous terrible conditions that the condo has to undergo before us. If we have gone blindly and purchased the home, we would have been left with a headache.

It is important to have someone who has your best interest at heart. We found that in that Miami Brasil Realty Team.

Build Your Own Home

How to Build Your Own Home

Painting an HouseBuild Your Own Home

It was always a dream of my family and mine to build our home that was truly unique to our needs and us. We wanted a brand new house that was ours and only ours.  That is why we were so excited when we finally saved our pennies and had enough to money to build our own home. After a lot of research, we knew what we needed to do to get our home. The steps seem simple but it was a little more complicated than we anticipated but since we were researched, we knew what to expect every step of the way.

Buy Land

This is of course if you don’t have land already. You have the choice of paying for cash, getting a loan from a bank, owner financing or sellers that are willing to wait for you to get house plans and a building permit. It’s important to do this first because then you don’t have to worry about searching for the right location or good land to build your home. You don’t want the headache of getting house plans only to realize you don’t have the right area at your disposal to build on it.

Select the House Plan

House PlansWe did lots of research and were surprised by the amount of house plans that were available. You can truly find a lovely home plan. If you don’t want stock home plans, you can hire an architect that can help you design and build your home from starch. Once you pick out a house plan, consider building codes or if you have to make any modifications for the location you want your home to be built upon.

Hire Reputable Builders

We decided to go with Acamas Civil because of their years of experience and impressive portfolio. When you are building your home, you need to find builders that have a good reputation and experience with site planning. You always want a manufacturer that respects your budget and dreams that you want to turn into a reality. The last thing you want is a builder who cannot anticipate costs and keeps coming at you over and over again with more bills. That causes financial stress and will ruin the experience. I suggest you find a builder that has been working for a minimum of three to five years and check their past clients and what they have to say about their experience.

Know the Estimated Breakdown cost

Breakdown CostBuilding a home can become expensive really quickly. That is why you need the exact breakdown of every project that will be going on in your home such as electrical, painting, heating, etc. The builder you pick should be able to give you that estimated cost and breakdown. They should also know of any anticipated problems that may arise. Good builders will send out the house plans to each of their contractors and gather all their estimates so they can give you an informed cost for building your new house.

In the end, building our house was a dream come true. Our builder knew exactly what we wanted and needed and managed to stay within budget. We did our part by not making too many new requests so we can remain in the timeline needed as well.

Our Long Distance Move from Houston to Miami Beach

Our Move from Houston, TX to Miami Beach, FL

I was born and raised in Houston, and frankly never imagined that I would be leaving. When my husband’s job suddenly offered him a promotion in Miami Beach, Florida, I definitely had mixed feelings about moving. After a long talk with both my children and my parents, we decided that we should look at the move as an opportunity to try something new; with the understanding that it didn’t have to be a permanent move unless we wanted it to be. When moving several states away like we did, it seems like the difficult decisions never stop coming. Deciding to leave Texas was difficult enough, but now how were we going to get all of our belongs packed, transported, and unloaded in Florida? Last time we moved, we had hired some local guys to take care of our things, but honestly I didn’t trust them to move all of our belongings so far; and who knows if they even offered such long distance service.

As anyone does these days, I turned to the internet for help. A quick search for Long Distance Movers Houston connected me with Hercules Movers & Packers. Reading their site, it seemed like they were exactly the company I was looking for, but with so many options, I wondered if they might be too good to be true? There were three things that made me decide to call Hercules Movers. First, I noticed that they were fully licensed and bonded, so at least I could trust their professional capabilities. Then I saw that they have been in business since 2005. Ten years as long distance movers in Houston made them seem legitimate to me. Lastly, they offer free estimates, so I at least I wouldn’t be committed to anything if I didn’t like their attitude or pricing.

I think I already mentioned how stressful moving to an entirely new state can be. Suddenly, all I could see were the massive amounts of “stuff” that my family had accumulated over the years. Not only was there furniture, but there were toys, sports equipment, clothes, all of our decorations…the list could go on. Just thinking about packing all of our items was overwhelming, and I was seriously worried about the price of the estimate that Hercules Movers would quote me. When they arrived, I was surprised at their professionalism. They were friendly and easy to talk to, which was a great comfort to me, but I could also tell that they were here for business. They walked through my house, measuring doorways, estimating angles, and talking about strategies for moving our largest pieces.

After some time, they finally handed me the quote and explained all of the costs included. I honestly could not believe the thoroughness of their service. Not only does their price include the normal loading and unloading of our belongings, but it also covers the fuel costs, and any toll fees (which do appear on the long drive from Houston to Miami Beach). They also provide liability insurance, and a full inventory of all items moved from your home. If this wasn’t enough, they also provide one month of full storage if we needed it. After talking to some of my friends, and hearing about all of the hidden costs that their moving companies had not informed them about, I felt confident that Hercules movers were doing honest business at a competitive price. So, I decided to book them. As comfortable as I felt, though, I was still worried about the logistics of moving everything in our house!

As it turns out, Hercules movers are excellent and experienced with both taking apart, and more importantly, putting back together, a wide variety of furniture. As nervous as I was on moving day, watching the guys work, I was becoming more and more relaxed because of their obvious experience, and their consulate professionalism. Not only were boxes being moved out at a pace faster than I imagined, I did not once cringe at a fragile box being thrown into the truck. Additionally, every piece of larger or fragile furniture and electronics were wrapped in a protective blanket, and secured in the truck. The movers at Hercules came prepared with everything imaginable to increase the efficiency of our move. They had several dollies, other wheeled furniture movers, slides, and more than enough shrink wrap and blankets. Once the truck was loaded up, I watched them secure all loose articles, and double lock their truck doors.

Watching them pull out of our driveway in Houston, Texas, bound for Miami Beach, Florida, I couldn’t believe how quickly our entire life had been boxed up, carted out, and transported to our new home. Our own drive to Florida was long, so I cannot imagine the trip in a moving truck, however, when Hercules arrived, they unloaded everything into our new house with the same professionalism that they had used packing it up. Absolutely nothing was damaged, not even a scratch! The furniture was reassembled, and we were able to focus on the long task of unloading the boxes in our new Florida home.

Any move to another state is going to be stressful, there’s just no way around it. However, working with Hercules Movers reduced so much of my anxiety, I cannot thank them enough! Without worrying about all of our belongings, I was able to focus on making sure our kids felt secure, saying goodbye to all of our friends and family still in Houston, and making the preparations for our arrival in Florida (enrolling the kids in school, contacting the local basketball club, etc).

We are now settled in Miami Beach, and while we do miss Houston, we know that if we move back, at least we won’t have to worry about any of belongings!

Charity T-Shirts

How to Contribute to Your Favorite Charity

When it comes to giving back to the community the company that I work for is always getting involved. My favorite thing about working at my job is the fact that they get so involved in charity. I’ve been working at this company for the last 8 years, and 4 years ago, we started a charity called Packed to School. The whole point of the charity group was to get involved and do something about the millions of students around the United States who could not afford school supplies.

The goal of the organization was to give every student an equal opportunity to be successful starting from the first day of school. Every year, the week before school starts we would have a huge family day for all of the employees and their family and everyone in the community and anyone else who could use some fun and school supplies. The event usually took place outside of our corporate office right on the front lawn. We made the setup enjoyable for everyone regardless of age. My coworkers and I were the ones who were in charge of the distribution of the school supplies.

The setup was designed for a smooth flow, we made a row of tables the would stretched to about 30 yards in length. There was live entertainment by Tim Decker with free food and drinks for everyone. During the distribution part of the day, we would require that everyone makes a single file line in front of the line of tables. We had the backpacks pre-packed to save time. Every backpack was filled with the following items: three-ring binder, three-hole-punch (fits in binder), loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks, subject dividers, blue or black ball-point pens, number 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, permanent markers, highlighters, colored pencils, personal organizer/calendar, book socks, lunch bag, calculator, combination lock for lockers, post-its, white-out, protractor/ruler, graph paper, flash drive, flash drive case with lanyard, thesaurus, and a dictionary.

For the first 2 years, the Packed to School charity was just a local charity. On the third year, one of my close friends told me about this company called Charitees. She told me they are an organization that designs and print charity t-shirts for charity organizations. At the time I thought it was a great idea, all of my coworkers thought it was too. So all decided that we would get the tee shirts made for the third annual Packed to School event. During the third annual event, we all wore the matching tee shirts. The charity t-shirts made us look official, we looked like a charity group that had been operating for decades. That year we saw the more people come out to the event than we had seen in the first 2 years combined. The tee shirts made us stand out more in the community.

Before long, the Packed to School Charity was the talk of the town. The following year we had 77 people from the community reach out to us wanting to volunteer with us at the next Packed to School. During the 4th annual Packed to School event, we had over 1 thousand people show up. We received an extra 200 backpacks filled with items from the other local businesses. The charity t-shirts were doing way more than we thought it would. The tee shirts made us one of the most successful nonprofit organizations and it helped us reach over 1 million students across the country. They made us official.


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