Make the most of your weekends with the family. Life happens pretty fast sometimes, and in the blink of an eye everything can change. Here are a few fun activities you can do with the family to help slow down time and enjoy each other’s company. Everyone loves the outdoors.

We are never too old or too young to do outdoor activities. Grab your picnic tablecloth, get the family together and enjoy a quiet family picnic and tell each other about how the week was.

For families who have toddlers, a trip to a fire station  will be the highlight of the kids week. Most local fire stations will arrange tours for kids. They will love seeing and checking out all of the different fire trucks.

Make sunflowers, art and craft is an activity that almost every toddler will enjoy. You can get together and make something as simple as sunflowers or you can search for other art and craft activities you guys can make together.

Go to local sporting events. Minor league baseball games and local high school sporting events is a great way to enjoy great sports action with the family on a budget.

For families with teens, finding activities can be challenging but not impossible. A trip to the movies can bring everyone together. The way to get the best out of a night at the movies is to get everyone involved in deciding which movie to watch.

A trip to the city. There are literally hundreds of activities that you can find to do with the family in te city. You can go out for great meals, bowling, visit a cosmetic counter for a makeover, and much more.

Have a family pool party. Everyone enjoys the pool regardless of age, and who doesn’t love a party. The family party doesn’t have to be limited to family, Have the kids invite some close friends and make it a great day for everyone.