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How to Contribute to Your Favorite Charity

When it comes to giving back to the community the company that I work for is always getting involved. My favorite thing about working at my job is the fact that they get so involved in charity. I’ve been working at this company for the last 8 years, and 4 years ago, we started a charity called Packed to School. The whole point of the charity group was to get involved and do something about the millions of students around the United States who could not afford school supplies.

The goal of the organization was to give every student an equal opportunity to be successful starting from the first day of school. Every year, the week before school starts we would have a huge family day for all of the employees and their family and everyone in the community and anyone else who could use some fun and school supplies. The event usually took place outside of our corporate office right on the front lawn. We made the setup enjoyable for everyone regardless of age. My coworkers and I were the ones who were in charge of the distribution of the school supplies.

The setup was designed for a smooth flow, we made a row of tables the would stretched to about 30 yards in length. There was live entertainment by Tim Decker with free food and drinks for everyone. During the distribution part of the day, we would require that everyone makes a single file line in front of the line of tables. We had the backpacks pre-packed to save time. Every backpack was filled with the following items: three-ring binder, three-hole-punch (fits in binder), loose-leaf paper or spiral notebooks, subject dividers, blue or black ball-point pens, number 2 pencils, pencil sharpener, eraser, permanent markers, highlighters, colored pencils, personal organizer/calendar, book socks, lunch bag, calculator, combination lock for lockers, post-its, white-out, protractor/ruler, graph paper, flash drive, flash drive case with lanyard, thesaurus, and a dictionary.

For the first 2 years, the Packed to School charity was just a local charity. On the third year, one of my close friends told me about this company called Charitees. She told me they are an organization that designs and print charity t-shirts for charity organizations. At the time I thought it was a great idea, all of my coworkers thought it was too. So all decided that we would get the tee shirts made for the third annual Packed to School event. During the third annual event, we all wore the matching tee shirts. The charity t-shirts made us look official, we looked like a charity group that had been operating for decades. That year we saw the more people come out to the event than we had seen in the first 2 years combined. The tee shirts made us stand out more in the community.

Before long, the Packed to School Charity was the talk of the town. The following year we had 77 people from the community reach out to us wanting to volunteer with us at the next Packed to School. During the 4th annual Packed to School event, we had over 1 thousand people show up. We received an extra 200 backpacks filled with items from the other local businesses. The charity t-shirts were doing way more than we thought it would. The tee shirts made us one of the most successful nonprofit organizations and it helped us reach over 1 million students across the country. They made us official.


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