My Experience with the GlowBowl

My Experience With The GlowBowl

Technology has almost covered all areas associated with making life easier especially in homes and offices. The glow in the dark toilet seat is yet another great innovation that has made late night bathroom trips fun and tolerable. Toilet visits in the middle of the night are a dreaded venture especially in households with children. Forget the startling, loud and disruptive yelling from your kids dead in the middle of the night. Say goodbye to the blinding lights that literally rob you off your sleep forcing you to toss and turn in search of sleep for the rest of the night. Consider a glow in the dark toilet seat for a better and peaceful night. This product has a combination of benefits which makes it an ideal choice for every home regardless of the age of occupants.

Universal Fit

You do not need to worry about the compatibility of this feature with your toilet bowl. It is universal which means that anyone can use it. The design is also well thought of. The arm is highly flexible which enables it to bend to any configuration. This further makes it ideal for any bowl regardless of its shape or size. There is no limit to where this device can be installed. Consider all bathrooms if need be.

Hands Free

The need to manually switch the lights on and off on this device is absolutely eliminated. It is motion sensitive therefore it activates when you enter the bathroom room and goes off when you leave. It is also light sensitive which means that it only comes on when the room is dark. This is an impressive feature that saves on its battery life and effort from the user. A keen look at this feature will also show that one may experience a slightly reduced electric bill due to the zero lights usage during the night. It would be true to say that this device is energy saving.

Multiple Color Choice

You will be excited to discover that this device is designed with seven vibrant colors; purple, blue, aqua, white, yellow, red, and green. What a way to get rid of boredom and monotony in your bathroom. Not only do these lights serve their primary purpose of lighting up the toilet bowl, they beautify it as well. Your bathroom automatically gets a lift. These colors can be easily changed at the touch of a button. What’s more, this device features a carousel which will automatically cycle through every color every 4 seconds. Kids will no longer need convincing that it’s okay to go potty at night. In fact, waking up to go to the bathroom will become fun and exciting.

5 Stage Dimmer

Everyone gets a chance to customize their glow in the dark device to suit their preference. The level of brightness can be adjusted to your preference. It can be dull or bright. A brighter shade is an ideal choice for the kids bathroom while dull shades suitable for the master and the guest bathrooms. If you need the light to radiate outside the bowl, set it to a brighter shade. It will help the user to locate items around such as toilet paper.This would be of great convenience for guests.

Low Battery Indicator

Although the battery in the glow in the dark device offers extended service, the battery will eventually run out and need replacing. When it comes to this, the device is designed to alert you by blinking. This will save you the inconvenience of abruptly coming to the realization that dead battery in the middle of the night.

Water Resistant

The technology and design behind this device are absolutely impressive. Although it is designed to sit inside the toilet bowl, you do not need to worry about it getting wet and later malfunctioning as a result. It is absolutely water resistant hence convenient for its intended purpose. In fact the larger part of the device sits outside the bowl while the smaller bit with the light snuggles inside the toilet bowl.


Easy to Install
Easy to clean
Sleek design
Easy removal

Conclusion: This is a worthy purchase especially for a home with kids as occupants. It not only makes potty training easy but fun as well. The fact that it doesn’t stay on throughout the day and night saves on energy.

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