Real Estate Agents Are Important

Why Real Estate Agents Are Important

Aventura MallI am considering buying my second home in a nearby city.  I love Aventura and visiting the local mall has become a great pastime for my girls and myself. I love the bustling life, and the shopping options are fantastic. Since I was visiting the city so much and it was near the beach, I decided why not make the plunge and buy a beautiful vacation home for our family.

I didn’t know where to start with my search. It has been so long since I purchased a home and I wanted someone that I could trust. After some research and talking with friends, I contacted the Douglas Elliman Miami Brasil Team. They were friendly and ready to work with me. They helped me figure out what exactly I wanted for my new home. After discussing with my family, we concluded that we wanted a place with beautiful views of the water and gorgeous skyline. What we wanted was a place that we could call home when we are away from home. A little slice of beach paradise as we described it.  I know many people are opposed to using real estate agent because of fears of high cost or a really and belief that they can purchase a home without one.

The Benefits of Real Estate Agents

The Benefits of Real Estate Agents
There are many good reasons why a person should hire a real estate agent on their behalf. Real Estate agents have an acute understanding of what buyers need to know when they are purchasing a home. Our real estate agent was able to tell us about basic information about the community we wanted to move into and vacation. They informed us about the crime rate and how much the community was expected to grow otherwise known as the market conditions.  While we are planning to have a vacation for a long period of time, we still want to know that if we sell it, we won’t sell it at a loss. They informed us of comparable prices, so we were aware if a particular home was overpriced or underpriced.  Real Estate agents also assist with finding viable deals that are beneficial to you and other paperwork. They are also great with negotiating the final agreement when we find a home and fall in love with it.

Let’s Talk About Our Particular Agent

Our agent was with us every step of the way. She provided us with all the information we needed and worked on our behalf. It was great having someone who was working on our side and trying to get us the best possible deal. One situation that made her earn our trust was during our search; we fell in love with a beautiful condo that overlooked the ocean. We were ready to purchase, but our agent asked about seller disclosure. I didn’t even know about seller disclosure and what it meant. We found out that there were previous terrible conditions that the condo has to undergo before us. If we have gone blindly and purchased the home, we would have been left with a headache.

It is important to have someone who has your best interest at heart. We found that in that Miami Brasil Realty Team.

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